Because I love you
Because I love you

Because I Love You

There is nothing in this world like you
When I look at you I know that I succeeded
I touched the highest mountain
I crossed the ocean just for you
And I would do it again
There are so many stars in the sky
But I’m the one that shines on you

I remember when you were born
Heaven smiled above me
And gave me the strength
You are the reason why
 I’m never gonna give up the fight
I’m never gonna stop loving you

This one is for you
Straight from my heart
Honest and true
Whenever you cry I’ll catch your tears
I promise my love is gonna last forever
And don’t be afraid, don’t let them bring you down
Whenever you fall I’ll lift you up
Because I love you


Written on the 24th October, 2003
Dedicated to my daughter, Angelina

Words and music