I’m standing on the crossing
And I’m trying to choose which way to go
All I’ve got in my pockets
Is some money and a ticket
I’m full of memories good and bad
Everything I tasted is in my bag
How long am I gonna carry it?
Where is the place waiting for me?

I want that green light turning on me
And show me the right way to go
Keep me away from all that fear I feel inside
I know my life is a simple game
But still I feel like I’m going insane
I don’t expect a miracle
What I need is a destination

My hands are always cold
And my heart beats are pretty fast
I think I’m afraid of what the future may bring
Afraid of emotions so strong and clear
Driving in a car makes me feel sick
I’m impatient to travel too far
And still I’m moving to my distant star
Still I’m running, still I’m fighting

All passengers destinated to go to gate somewhere please don`t look to the left or right just keep on going straight on .Other passengers including Irene going to Sunny Land please don`t lose the faith! I repeat don`t lose the faith!


Words and music