My summer

My summer

New morning has begun and the first rays of the sun
Are dancing on my pillow
I get up and move slowly towards my balcony
Where the view is waiting
As blue as the sea and that’s where I wanna be

I wanna see the places where everyone is smiling
Where the Luiz is the king
I wanna shake his hand I know he`ll understand what I feel
So I put on my new hat and my dancing shoes
And I move to the rhytm of my summer

Take me to the beaches, drop me in the water
And wash my winter off
Distant voice is calling and I feel like a new beginning
My summer is here to stay

Why did you leave me here
I`m cold when I think of snow
Frozen lake is gonna start to melt in your hands
I know you`re here to stay


Words and music

My summer