The love you feel
The love you feel

The love you feel

Whenever you`re with me you care
Whenever you touch me we feel the same
But something in your eyes is still so cold
You`d like to say yes but you`re not sure

I know I can trust you I know you`re there
You`ll always listen you will care
But you`r afraid to let it go
Afraid to kiss me like you should

Close your eyes and let it flow and you will know what`s on your mind
Take my hand and let me try to make you feel alright
`Cause it`s so real ,the love you feel

I don`t want to stand behind you anymore
Turn around and see it, it`s in my eyes
Love is something you can`t deny
So precious and so strong it makes you fly, fly

Close your eyes…..


Words and music