Today I feel like brand new
Today I feel reborn
My second life has begun because of you
I`m ready to start this dance with you

I see a man before me
And the flowers in his hands
As if he could see right through me
I`m shivering inside
His love is gonna keep me alive

Today I`m here to say yes
Today I`m here to say I love you
This is the most exciting moment in my life
I`m gonna keep it forever in my heart
God knows how long I was waiting for you
I want to send my message to the world
And I want that everybody knows
How much I`m yours, how much I love you baby, today

My hand in yours, you lead me
I know this feeling is gonna last forever
Just you and me melting in our kiss
We`ve opened book of love, now we can read



Words and music